Congratulation Subodh Shinde!!! Best Physique in Mumbai- Hard Work and Success along with Almighty's Blessing I have won!

Subodh Shinde is one of the new face in Mumbai and Pune to win the Best Physique Awards for Bodybuilding competition.  

He lives in the prime locations in western line of Mumbai. He stays with his Mom and Brother and plans to win many competitions and also be a great inspiration for the coming generation. 

You identify your name as?
Subodh Vasant Shinde Nanda

Sports: Best Physique and Body Building

What’s your age?

I am 21 years old(Smiles). Any doubt?

No, Not at all(smiles), you are blessed with this physique.

I see you are getting more likes for being the best physique in Mumbai and also surprisingly you will enter the national level?

(Laughs)Yes, Haha I have been greatly honored with compliments and wishes for winning the best physique. And am looking forward to the exclusive experience at national level, I am much excited!

Till date how many competitions you have won?

You kidding me (wide smile), the first competition I won is on 21 September 2018 and the second one I won is on 25 October 2018. Both the silver medal in the weight category of 60 kg. More numbers yet to go!

Name of the competition?

 Malabar Hill Shree and University Inter- Collegiate Best Physique.

When I was going through your personal inputs in my dairy, I noticed you actually love kickboxing? How did you turn to be an excellent physique and bodybuilding lover?

To be very honest I have always loved kickboxing but I thank God for making me capable of doing something I didn’t dream of. And rest was just a push and encouragement from many friends, my coach and especially my Mom and brother.

How daily routine changed your life, explain your practical side of the training?

My first session started in the month of March for weight gaining, this was till July, then in  the month of August slowly I  focussed on lightweight training and later on muscular building and then for competitive levels. If you ask me for how time I did my practice, I just spent two and a half hours without complaining twice a day.

You did a practice like you wanted to win anyway! Was this true?

No, I just wanted to try this out. The reason is I was passionate about something else but people started telling me you have a good physique. And you can see the result! (Smiles)

Did trying something different like best bodybuilding waste your effort?

Absolutely denied! My efforts were not wasted, I knew I would be a part of a great platform. The more I used all that is in me was more effectively molding me for better tomorrow. Thanks to all (From his Heart).

I am really happy you said that it’s all your hard work and blessings of God in your life. How you feel about your close once who gave you love and support?

I thank the Master of heaven and earth for giving me such a great honor (Expressing the gratitude). I am thankful to all my supportive pillars like my Mom and my brother Sumedh. I won’t be able to express my love to them. They are my life and I assure you I will make them happy throughout my life journey.

You are in my prayers, knowing about your mentor Harshal .C. Kharat is one of the main people who motivated and gave you a realization for taking this sporting challenge. What your input for this?

Thanks a lot! Seriously I had no idea I would actually win but yes a million thanks to Harshal for pushing me till it went to my nerves and finally I tried my best to win unexpectedly. Salute!
 Also, my Mom could not stop motivating and this made me stronger mentally! Love you, Mom! Including Sumedh Vasant Shinde, Asif Momin, Narendra Manda and Pritam Valmiki, you guys have been my life!

What’s your next plan?

To practice more for upcoming state and national competition, request you to be a part of the support. Please keep me in prayers. I also plan to be a motivational speaker! And on your channel.

It’s said, ‘Never give up on your dreams!’ How you would describe this beautiful line?

“I grew up with difficulties and I knew there was a person who could not make me stronger than myself. I used to pull myself up every morning reminding me that there is a better tomorrow. And slowly I dreamt of many things, out of which you can see now.”

Give your favorite slogan.

"Sweat till the last drop"
“Fight till you conquer the empire"

Your winning does not end but also starts with modeling and photo shooting for a profile? And you have a good scope after workouts, what’s your response?

Absolutely I will be doing various photoshoots for branding, as if now I have done by profiling photography with my friend Narendra Manda, After posting few pics I also got a good response from various brands like CHICNYC which is famous in New York and many other countries. If anyone wants such best physique pics can contact me immediately.

Which brands you are targeting?
I am targeting sports, gym, travel, and fashion.

On which all apps you are active?
I am currently not using any applications but am active on what’s app, and also on my Mail, that is

Seems the other side of Subodh is a well know kickboxer?

Hahaha, yeah, but as if now I am concentrating on winning best physique competitions! Please don’t make me kickbox now!

How was my interview with you?

Frankly speaking, you have great skills for details. I loved your website, your prayers and your faith in God! I wish all the best for your work and this is not the end! I am coming back to your channel!!! Excited!

Really!!! WOW! Thank You! Wish you all the very best for your career growth! God bless you!



Contact / cell no. 9137220032 for more information. 

Interview Date - November 2018

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